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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hye2..!! Crystal Lover would like to give away lovely items from our blogshop to our lucky customer. There are 2 categories in this giveaway. So hurry up!

1st category:

To be eligible for this category, you should do the following:

1. Become Crystal Lover's follower
2. Link up Crystal Lover in your blog
3. Make an entry about Crystal Lover Opening Giveaway
3. Copy the above banner of Crystal Lover Opening Giveaway, and paste it in your entry
4. Leave a comment HERE in this entry with your permalink

One lucky person will be picked up randomly to win a lovely item from our blogshop.

2nd category:

To be eligible for this category, you should do the following:

1. Become Crystal Lover's follower
2. Buy at least an item from Crystal Lover Blogshop (NO PRICE LIMIT!)

That's it! And one lucky person will be picked up randomly to win a lovel
y item from Crystal Lover.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join our Opening Giveaway! This giveaway is open to all..and will end on31st July 2010.

The prizes?? Here they are..

utk 1st category... a set of bracelet and handphone straps

utk 2nd category... a set of bracelet and handphone straps....

...and an extra bracelet!!

hurry up! join now!! :) :)

senarai peserta:
(1st category)
2) arol
6) nida
7) anin
11) yaya
17) eima
18) zura
32) juniza
33) mama
39) qard91
40) mrs K
42) sarah
43) ogy
44) ieyza
46) adeq
48) faris
49) nuni
51) sue
52) bunga

senarai peserta:
(2nd category)
1) syida
2) ieyza
3) nu'aim


cicakgirl said...

saya sertai kategori pertama :D

jika ada yang tidak lengkap, tolong beritahu ya :)

AROL DSHW said...

arol join 1st category. :)

shidasyakirin said...


me join ye
1st kategori

mama zharfan said...


me join 1st category!!


fatin hanani said...

fatin join jugak

first kategori :D

Nida said...

salam perkenalan..

Kak Nida ingin mencuba.. mudah2an ada rezeki..aminnnn

Kategori pertama...:)

anin said...

anin mencuba nasib
mengahrapkan ada rezeki di sini

harap dah memenuhi segala syarat yg diberikan

entri anin di sini

ayuselalu said...

Ayu join

zaikulim said...


zai kemari mau join gak

☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

owh join 1st kategori...
dis my link

yaya said...

hye :)

im joined 1st category :)

dis is my link :)

TQ :)

tiefazatie said...

ifa nak join gak..
ifa join the 1st category yaa..


syakila said...

Kila join 1st kategori

ummi sofiyyah said...

me join kat 1 jugak...



Izzatul Iman said...

I join the first category only...

do visit


::Mamalyna:: said...

Hi, saya join giveaway
saya pilih kategori 1

tq so much!

eima said...

dah join ..

aZuRa AhMaD said...


zura join....
pilih kategori no. 1

segalanyer kuterima... said...

singgah cini join

pilih kategori no. 1

Usharapa!!! said...

Dtg dan join

pilih kategori no. 1


Miza Yusof said...

salam. miza join. ini linknya

check yea. thanks :D

ctnurkhijah said...

ct join kategori pertama
sila lah terjah ke

Ibu Ayra said...

salam kenal...

saya join kategori 1


Syuzana said...

hye...syu dah join..

terjah yer :)

.: Ain Rusli :. said...

ibu qaisara datang nak join giveaway nih..

sila la jenguk nye..

ibu pilih 1st kategori..harap2 ade rezeki.. (eh,mcm pantun 2 kerat pulak eh? )

izan cute said...

Salam..izan join kategori 1

Zie Fauzi said...

join jugak untuk kategori pertama

SoFiaHB said...


Datang nak join giveaway nih..

GnieNaim said...

Gnie pn nak bracelet cantik2 tu
dah join :)

Anonymous said...

Join giveaway ni..=)

inasepi said...

Join Ga nie

juniza said...

ju join

♥MAMA♥ said...

salam..mama pun nk join, ni entry mama ye:

annazanariah said...

Semua syarat untuk kategori 1st telah Anna penuhi..

Let's check it out..

rosilah said...

kategori 1st

Anonymous said...

hmm,mau cuba ek..

Miyuki Aoi said...

oredi join the 1st category.. ;)

taufidris said...

join the 1st category.. ;)

Qard91 said...


MRS. K said...

nak join jugek!

inahasan said...

sarah said...

sarah join

Josh said...

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Ogy said...

Ogy join 1st kategori ok

ieyza said...

hai dear
join yerrr

many thanks

Vidisha said...

I would love to with the 2 category

mama rifQy said...

Salam..nak Join Gak!

Kategori 1

adeQ said...

saye join kategori satuuu

Mama_Fatin said...


nak join kategori 1

faris said...

saya join 1st Kategori


nuni said...

Salam ziarah

saya nak join 1st category

ni link nya

Jiji-Fify said...

saya pon nak join! i've done the first category.

sue said...

hi..join 1st category

BUNGA said...

salam perkenalan
saya join jugak

tq :)

Em's Family said...


Im joining too

Category A


nEa FleriDa said...

slm.. sy join first category ;)